Tsitsikamma is a khoi word meaning "place of abundant or sparkling water".The region stretches from the Bloukrans River in the west to Eerste Rivier in the east, is bordered on the north by the imposing Tsitsikamma mountains and in the south by the Indian Ocean.

The area is covered in large tracts of indigenous forest, commercial plantation and Fynbos. Deep river gorges cleft the plateau as they make their way down to the sea, creating spectacular waterfalls and deep kloofs.

A mild all year round climate allows one to make the most of all the outdoor activities that are on offer, whilst a high rainfall ensures the lushness of vegetation that the area is renowned for.

Tours in and around Tsitsikamma

Tsitsikamma - Adventure Falls, Abseiling

Experience adrenalin like never before. Slide across waterfalls and enjoy the scenes en-route! You can abseil 30m down, between majestic cliffs, down a fern paradise to a platform situated at the foot of a waterfall.


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