Knysna is a shopper’s paradise, with centralised shopping areas where you can buy everything from designer teddy bears to the world's finest champagne - or even a holiday home! With spectacular names like Jenna Babe, Papagayo, Indawo, Caramel, African Attitude and Forest Bears who can resist retail therapy? With its lush forests and scenic beauty, Knysna is one of the best voted tourism destinations in South Africa.

Tours in and around Knysna

Knysna - Elephant Feeding

Get to touch, feel, feed and walk trunk-in hand with these magnificent animals.

Knysna - Featherbed Eco Excursion

Unsurpassed views of the Lagoon, mountains and Knysna can be enjoyed, whilst our knowledgeable guides explain the history and ecology of the Reserve.

Knysna - Paddle Cruiser

The Paddle Cruiser is South Africa's only paddle-driven vessel, offering a unique and unforgettable experience on the Knysna Lagoon.


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