George is located in the Cape Wildflower Floral Kingdom next to the coast at the eastern end of the Western Cape Province and has a low rainfall Mediterranean type climate with activities to keep you busy all year round. We probably have the largest number of bed-nights’ accommodation available in this holiday paradise with its large conference facilities and many tourist attractions. George is at the center of Nature´s Garden Route and nestles at the foot of the Outeniqua Mountains.

Our airport connects you to and from all the main centers in South Africa and main roads and rail, link with the Klein Karoo hinterland. Whilst George is the business capital of the region, it also boasts the largest medical fraternity and probably has the largest number of bed-nights accommodation available in this all year round holiday paradise. With its large conference facilities and many tourist attractions, George is an ideal town to promote your companies´ image.

Tours in and around George

George - Abseiling

This abseiling site is arguably one of the most beautiful in the country. As you abseil 45m down the cliff you are within arms reach of a stunning waterfall, and to top it all off you land in a boat at the bottom!

George - Canoeing

“A Must!” Depart George to beautiful Wilderness and begin with just over an hour of canoeing up the Touw River, passing majestic yellowwood and Milkwood trees, and hopefully catching a glimpse of a Malachite Kingfisher or Knysna Loerie.

George - Horse Riding, Strawberry

Enjoy a scenic horse riding tour on one of the most beautiful farms in the George area and get the opportunity to experience the picking of your own strawberries!

George - Paintball, Kloofing

Depart George for an either exciting day out with your family and friends with some Paintball and Kloofing!

George - Power Van

This unique eco experience can be enjoyed from the comfort of your carriage while enjoying one of the most scenic railway passes in the country.

George - Quad Biking

The trails take riders along the scenic rivers edge, through amazing river crossings, along magnificent cliff faces, into muddy areas, over log bridges, narrow bush paths and up rocky hill climbs.


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