Cape Town

Cape Town is the Mother City of Africa, and the Western Cape, an area which is regarded as one of the most beautiful regions in the world. Human communities had lived in the Cape Peninsula and Western Cape long before the beginning of the Christian era, surviving by hunting, fishing and gathering edible plants and roots. They were the ancestors of the Khoisan peoples of modern times - the Bushmen (San) and the Hottentot (Khoikhoi).

The City is a rare cultural gem, resulting from the amalgamation of Indonesian, French, Dutch, British and German settlers, the local Bushman and Hottentots tribes and the Bantu tribes from the north. Cape Town is one of the liveliest City’s in South Africa, activities ranging from Adventure to Night life!

The vast range of shopping opportunities like Greenmarket Square Flea Market, as well as stylish shopping malls and as a vast range of Restaurants to choose from. Cape Town provides a setting for many scenic wonders, magnificent seascapes and panoramic vistas.

Tours in and around Cape Town


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