Half Day Tours: Oudtshoorn - Cango Ostrich

Tours will include: the eggs, incubators and chicks; to hug and kiss a super friendly female – Betsie; to feed the ostriches by hand; to sit on the ostriches and for the daring type, to... ride the ostriches (weight limit 75kg)!

Half Day Tours: Mossel Bay - Safari

View African wildlife from the safety of 4x4 vehicles, in its natural habitat. Rhino's, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, eland, bontebuck and 26 more species, make up a total of more than 1800 animals.

Half Day Tours: Oudtshoorn - Cango Wildlife

Come and have a close up view of exquisite tigers, deadly jaguars, magnificent lions and the elegant cheetah while your guide introduces these glorious creatures to you.

Half Day Tours: Mossel Bay - Horse-back Safari

Saddle up for a horseback safari and escape to the majestic mountain valleys and beautiful fynbos for a 1 hour ride and experience nature like never before.

Half Day Tours: Oudtshoorn - Cango Caves

29km from Oudtshoorn, at the head of the picturesque Cango Valley, lies the spectacular underground wonder of the little Karoo - the Cango Caves.

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